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Sept 26, 2011 - Dawning Moments

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Blogs can be a great way to put down a few ideas.  We used to have one that was an independent blog but it became a problem to constantly remember to update it.  So, with a blog integrated into the shop, it's easier to remember to write something while working on shop contents.

Here is a piece from last year that bears repeating.

Dawning moments

There are times when I am extremely grateful to be an artist. Every day is full of anticipation, there is glass to melt and beads to shape. No one tells me what to make, or how. In return, I have the obligation to make the best beads possible. I am more critical of my work than anyone else would ever be, unless a bead is well-shaped, balanced and pleasing to the eye, it doesn't leave the studio.

I don't sell bunches of 'seconds' and I don't sell 'wonky' beads. They live in a jar by the door, like Eleanor Rigby's face. I firmly believe that your work is only as good as your last bead and your next bead, the one speaks about what you've learned and the other will show what you have added to that knowledge.

It is up to every artist to present their work fairly and with pride. If it's not good, then don't sell it because it says as much about your art as anything can, and being glass, it will outlive you. Make sure that your work doesn't come back to haunt you.

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