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Mill Hill Beads - Blue Velvet

Mill Hill Beads - Blue Velvet


Top quality beads, made in Japan exclusively for the Mill Hill Bead company.

The 11/0 size is designed for use in needlework, especially for embellishing cross-stitch designs. There are approximately 2.5mm in diameter.

The Blue Velvet beads are a bi-colour, cobalt blue and emerald green layered to give a rich depth to both colours. The photo doesn't show the green inner layer, but it shows strongly in sunlight.


Available in 7g, 12g or 35g, priced at 25p per gram, almost half the retail price. They come in handy flip-top containers. The weight is the beads only and will be a minimum of the amount stated, not including the container weight.

The amounts of each weight are limited, please select from the drop-down menu.

Mill Hill Bead Package Size:

Quantity:  at  £1.75  each

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