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Mill Hill Beads - Green Velvet

Mill Hill Beads - Green Velvet


Top quality beads, made in Japan exclusively for the Mill Hill Bead company.


The 11/0 size is designed for use in needlework, especially for embellishing cross-stitch designs. There are approximately 2.5mm in diameter.

The Green Velvet beads are a bi-colour, deep violet and emerald green layered to give a rich depth to both colours.

Available in 7g containers, there are only 3 available, priced at 25p per gram, almost half the retail price. They come in handy flip-top containers. The weight is the beads only and will be a minimum of the amount stated, not including the container weight.

The amounts of each weight are limited, please select from the drop-down menu.

Mill Hill Bead Package Size:

Quantity:  at  £1.75  each

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