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Pink organza bracelets in packs of 5

Pink organza bracelets in packs of 5

£1.00 £0.70

Perfect for a party, add in some of the plastic or metal big-hole beads from other listings and you will have the perfect Bracelet Party.

Each organza bracelet has a metal clasp with a chain to extend the fit if necessary. It is also easy to make them fit smaller wrists by putting a knot in one or both ends of the bracelet.

Sold in packs of 5 in pink. There are a limited number in white and purple, but once they are gone, that's it. The price is for a pack of five bracelets, which works out to 20 pence each.


The photo shows the bracelets, measuring around 8.5 in/20cm not including the chain. Depending on the size and number of beads, the bracelet will actually be a tighter fit. Experimentation is encouraged. The bracelet with beads is an example, only. The beads are available in separate listings.


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