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Silver-plated Bangle

Silver-plated Bangle

£2.00 £1.40

Perfect for a party, add in some of the plastic or metal big-hole beads from other listings and you will have the perfect Bracelet Party.

Each silver-plated bangle has two ends that are threaded, so the ball can be removed to add beads. Once you're happy with the arrangement of the beads, it might be a good idea to superglue the ends as they may come loose otherwise.bangle

The photo shows the bangles, in two sizes. The one on the left  measuring around 20cm for an average bracelet size of 6.6 to 7 inches, and the one on the right measures 17cm for slim wrists. Depending on the size and number of beads, the bracelet will actually be a tighter fit. Experimentation is encouraged. The bracelet with charms is an example, only. The charms and other accent beads are available in separate listings.


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