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Pine box with Laser-engraved design

Pine box with Laser-engraved design


Hand-sanded and varnished pine box with a laser-engraved design. As each box is different, and the engraving will be affected by the wood, there will be slight variations.

The boxes have hidden hinges and a small magnetic catch and measure approximately 9x9x5cm.



Choose image number from the drop-down menu. Custom work available upon request.

 box-hound    box-lymphad Image not available
A. Celtic Hound - light B. Celtic Hound - dark  C. Lymphad

D. Three Celtic Horses

box-boar-dk  box-boar-lt box-cat-lt  Image not available
E. Pictish Boar - dark F. Pictish Boar - light G.  Celtic Cat -light H. Celtic Cat - dark
pictbear-dk    box-raven  box-horse1-dk
I. Pictish Bear -dark J. Pictish Bear - light  K. Viking Raven  L. Horse - Dark
M. Horse - light N. Hugin and Munin    
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Quantity:  at  £8.00  each

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