Orders and Shipping

As Mike is an independent beadmaker, and every bead has to be handmade which can take up to three days to create, anneal in a kiln and clean, it is not always possible to have every single bead we offer in stock all the time.  As there are several hundred types of beads, once in a while we sell out of a bead or we come home from a market with several sections of a display tray empty.

This means that on occasion, orders do not get sent out immediately.  Every effort is made to get orders out as quickly as possible but we are not a shop where all the stock is ordered in bulk, where the beads and other items are mass-produced and all that we have to do is unpack them.

We attend around four major historic markets a year.  Two of them come within weeks of each other in February and March so occasionally there is little breathing room between them to get all the missing bead types made.  Weather and other things such as human health also factor in, we occasionally have the flu or a cold or whatever and that also factors in to the length of time it takes to make and ship an order.

Therefore, we are taking the step of closing the shop to sales from two to three days before we pack for a show and the same afterwards to allow us to reecuperate, unpack, inventory and get an idea of what needs to be replaced. This is the only way we can see to handle the issue of rushing to get orders out when we should be on the road, or rushing to get orders out that arrived during the time we were away.


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